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11 the new pump installation considerations

Feb 07, 2017

Bought after pump installation, normal operation, we are not concerned would not it? Of course not, everything has run rule, the hydraulic pump is true, correct use of the pump will keep abreast of the operational status of the machine, extended hydraulic pump life and guarantee the smooth progress of the work. Here's to sum up 11 Note the new pump installed.

It should be noted the situation within three months of the operation of the new machine operation

During the period a new machine running, should grasp the operation status checks, such as maintenance parts, screws are loose, if there is no increase in the normal oil, hydraulic oil is quickly degraded conditions check compliance provisions.

Do not add to the load immediately after pump start

After starting the pump shall be implemented no load idle for some time, especially when the temperature is low, the process is more subject to the warm car, the normal cycle of the hydraulic circuit coupled to the load, and check the operation status.

Observe oil change

Pay attention to check the maximum and minimum oil temperature change situation and find out the relationship between the oil temperature and ambient temperature, so that it can know the cooler capacity, storage tank capacity is co-ordinated with the surrounding conditions, use conditions, the failure of the cooling system have also excluded tracked.

Regular inspections of hydraulic oil change

A month or two checking of hydraulic oil deterioration, discoloration and changes in pollution levels in order to ensure the normal every hydraulic transmission medium.

Note Check the display value Keiki class

Always observe the pressure gauge shows the value of the hydraulic circuit, the pressure switch lights and other vibration situations and stability, the role of early detection of the hydraulic circuit is normal.

Note hydraulic pump noise

The new initial pump wear less susceptible to bubbles and dust, poor lubrication or overload conditions of use at high temperatures, will lead to adverse consequences, the hydraulic pump is making an unusual impact.

Observe the mechanical action case

Poorly designed hydraulic circuit or component manufacturing bad, in the initial stage is not easy to find use, it should pay special attention to a variety of conditions, as demonstrated in the operating state.

Check the filter status

Of the loop filter should be removed and cleaned regularly, and check the status of filters and online adsorbed dirt, analyze the quality, quantity, and size, so the loop can be observed in the degree of contamination, even infer the source of contamination is located.

To adjust the valves within

Fully aware of the pressure control valves, flow control valves and directional control valve is used, an adjustment to the scope and limits to pay special attention, otherwise the adjustment error and mechanical damage not only more of a security threat.

Note that part of the pipe for leaks

Hydraulics pipe nondefective, after a period of operation can be seen, the prosecution for leaks, pipe is loose.

Pay attention to the anomalies found

Abnormal sound, vibration or abnormal signal monitoring system, etc., must have a cause, a found abnormal phenomenon, immediately got circuit diagram, what you want, carefully observe whether the anomalies caused by a temporary error. Assessment or need to stop treatment. Jufan pressure, load, temperature, time, start-up, stop the possible causes include abnormal phenomena. That should be itemized analysis usual discussion.

Live to old to learn, so that timely attention after more than 11 considerations, I believe you will be the normal operation of the pump, it will not bring trouble to your work.

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