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Excavator hydraulic system clean-up tips

Feb 07, 2017

1, general hydraulic system cleaning, the use of work with hydraulic oil or test oil. Can not be used kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, steam or other liquids, to prevent hydraulic components, piping, tanks and seals corrosion.

2, the cleaning process, the cleaning medium heat pump operation and simultaneously. When cleaning the oil temperature is (50-80) ℃, rubber residue within the system is easy to get rid of.

3, the cleaning process, the available non-metallic percussion hammer bar tubing, continuous tapping, tapping continuously or not, in order to facilitate clear attachments inside the pipeline.

4, the hydraulic pump intermittent operation is conducive to improve the cleaning effect, the intermittent time is usually (10-30) min.

5, cleaning the oil back on the road, you should install the filter or strainer. Just start cleaning, because impurities, may be 80 mesh filter, wash the late switch to 150-mesh sieve over.

6, the cleaning time is usually (48-60) hours, according to the complexity of the system, filtration precision and degree of pollution and other factors.

7, in order to prevent corrosion caused by ambient moisture, when the cleaning is finished, the pump also run continuously until the temperature returns to normal.

8, after washing clean oil to the circuit within the exclusion clean.

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